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  • [AWAAI]
  • AWA AI' s exquisite natural color is applauded as“JAPAN BLUE.”From the mid-Edo
  • ere to even today,Awa Tokushima(City in Tokushima prefecture)plays a role in producing
  • the ai(Japanese indigo blue).Ai-zome(indigo dyeing)was introduced to Japan in the fifth
  • century.The Awa feudal clan(cunrrent Tokushima Prefecture)began its production in the
  • Edo era.Since then,it has been producing“Sukumo,”the main material of ai,to provide
  • Ai-zome dye houses,or“Kouya,”across Japan with the Sukumo.
  • The current,or the tradition,flows even today.Ai is called“AWAAI”as Tokushima
  • prefecture is considered the source of ai for it plays a main role in producing the Japanese
  • ai.Natural leathers are dyed by “Tennen-Aku-Hakko-Datte ”method,a dyeing technique
  • using natural materials.With this technique,each piece of leather is immersed into the dye
  • many times and it is carefully dyed by artisans.Leather texture is blended with natralu dye,
  • producing a beautiful natural color.


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Until AWA AI LEATHER can be  



(1) Indigo species

Indigo species by selecting the of March Daan day will be sown in nursery


(2) Indigo field

The grown Ai leaf twice in July and August, do the mowing


(3) Drying

The clippings leaves, (no indigo powder) sun in was thoroughly dried after it has been sorted into indigo leaves and stems are subjected to cutting machine and save


(4) Crosscut

Autumn, the Ai leaf which had been saved was put in a "bed", also repeated many times to mix hit the water in February the (crosscut) mid Ai leaf


(5) Fermentation

I called the indigo dye "Sukumo" what was allowed to slowly fermented by indigo nurses


(6) Shipment

Finished Awa indigo, it is placed in a special bag called down the signs of trade name of Ai nurses "kamasu", will be shipped to Japan



The AWA AI products are put into a bottle of ai,fermented by adding wheat and residue of wood ash ,and dyed by a dyeing technique called“Tennen‐Aku‐Hakko‐Datte.”